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When you started in capital equipment you learned from others. Now you are at the top of your organization...who do you turn to for continued growth in your core business? We help companies align their businesses with customer needs and a radical customer focus. Companies that have this intentional approach at every level of their organization Own Their Category. Every action the company takes is in the interest of helping customers to have a better experience. These companies are the premier brands in their industry.

Owning your category is all about aligning your business with your customers & suppliers. We want to create Resonance. When we resonate with our customers & suppliers our businesses thrive. When we have market dissonance our businesses fail. Resonance is about harmony and synchrony. This might sound to good to be true but it works. Right now the capital equipment market has hit a lull with many companies scrambling to find work. Companies that have Resonance are crushing it. I just spoke with one the yesterday that has a 24 month backlog. What if your business had a 24 month backlog? Would that be a game changer for you? I can help you get there by implementing the Own Your Category framework.

Success Leaves CLUES! It isn't rocket science and it is absolutely repeatable. It is likely that you aren't selling a totally unique product. If that is the case, customers are beating down your door for your products and services. However, if you have aligned your business with a complete and total focus on your customer needs & supplier network they will beat down your door because you get it done right! Your customers want more of you because you are there for them and not yourself. Service wins in a service business. It is as simple as that but says easy while it does hard.

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“The person you were yesterday has gotten you to where you are today.  If you desire a change, the only way to get to where you want to go tomorrow is to change who you are today.”

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