Excellence Defined Your Way

excellence tips Sep 11, 2018

Do you want to be excellent?  Do you choose to be average?  The difference between excellence and average is surprisingly small. You can close the gap by being more intentional in just a couple of areas in your life.  The first area is mindset.  We choose average because it is the path of least resistance and largely what has been demonstrated by the major influencers in our life.  To be excellent, you will need to realize it is a choice and not an accident.  A person does not wake up excellent.  Instead, they make a choice to be excellent and act accordingly.  After you have chosen excellence, it is important to define excellence.  Ask yourself, “What is excellence?” and write down the answer.  This definition is going to be a point of reference for you in your pursuit of excellence.  It has to be your definition.  To recap – we made up our own mind to be excellent and defined what excellence is to...

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